Tsuyoshi Takamura


Tsuyoshi Takamura is a film director & a commercial director.
Takamura graduated from the Faculty of Arts & the Faculty of Photography.
Takamura studied abroad in Australia after getting a job at a commercial production company. After that became a film coordinator in Australia & participated in various films & TV dramas. After returning to Japan,
he became a freelance director & worked on numerous short & feature films.
The short film ""That Kind of Love Story"" won the 48hour film project 2014 in Osaka, was screened at the Hollywood Chinese Theater, was selected as the Best 13 from 125 winning films from all over the world. & will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2015. The short film ""Blue Bird"" has been played over 6.5 million times on Youtube (* Japanese and English versions combined). The short film ""trash"" won the Excellence Award at the Best Shorts Competition 2020, an American online film festival.

  • 日常
  • そんな愛のはなし
  • リコリス
  • スカビオサ
  • Blue Bird



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