Tsubasa Matsumoto


Bilingual director based in Tokyo and New York City.
Born and raised in Tokyo, he set out on his own to America to learn English and pursue his dream to become a filmmaker. After
earning a BFA in Film and Television from New York University, he freelanced as a director and DP in NYC. His short, “Prelude”
was awarded a spot in the coveted Tribeca Film Festival.
In 2018 he began picking up work in Tokyo as a director primarily for commercials, music videos, short films, and documentaries.
His work is narrative driven and his carefully considered shots invites your viewer into the escapism. Clients include VALENTINO,
Hoeggarden, DESCENTE, and Aya Gloomy.
Often acting as his own cinematographer, he directly synthesizes his vision and shooting style. Pushing boundaries, he seeks to
take risks, influence trends, and ultimately create the new classics that will stand as timeless in years to come.

  • PRELUDE (日本語字幕) - A Short Film
  • 川崎競馬 TVCM
  • UNIQLO Spring 22 Campaign
  • 慶應病院 CM
  • Grayホリデーキャンペーン
  • SKY CAREER 15s TV Commercial
  • I AM IN YOUR BED / ディレクター, 脚本
  • AOYAMA x DESCENTE SS19 / ディレクター, DP
  • AOYAMA x DESCENTE AW19 / ディレクター, DP
  • AOYAMA x DESCENTE SS20 / ディレクター, DP
  • 洋服の青山 MORLES AW20 / ディレクター, DP
  • Aya Gloomy - Micro Creature / ディレクター, DP
  • AOYAMA x DESCENTE AW20 / ディレクター, DP
  • 洋服の青山 MORLES SS21 / ディレクター, DP
  • We fell asleep in one world, and woke up in another / ディレクター, DP



videographerzoo works with a wide range of videographers in Japan.
Our experienced producers, who have worked on a variety of projects from fashion films to documentaries, music videos, and corporate advertising will assign videographers for each project to create a video that meets the client's needs.
We collaborate with videographers who are based not only in Tokyo but also in other regions.


videographerzoo collaborates with some of the best videographers in North America, Europe and Asia.
This allows us to be flexible when clients wish to shoot outside of Japan or work with creatives from other countries.
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