A leader who leads the creative group CHAKA LAND, which is based in Okinawa, where he is from.
Currently, he is mainly active in music production and video production.
He is also active as an artist. In March 2021, he made his debut as the first Japanese rapper in Mongolian, and became No. 2 on the chart in his first Mongolian rap song "bacteria" Apple Music World Top Song Mongolia. It was.
"HAISAI TOKYO" released in 2020 was selected as the ending song of the program "MOI AUSSI BE TV" starring Kunihiro Kawashima and Garittochu Fukushima, who were broadcast on Okinawa TV.
Since April 2021, he has been an assistant producer for the program "Shinka TV" of Okinawa's professional soccer team FC Ryukyu, which has been broadcast from April 2021. In addition, he made a completely independent TV program up to BGM, which would be the first in Japan.
In the movie "Miracle City Koza" scheduled to be released in 2021, Kenta Kiritani, who plays the lead role, provided the rap to be shown in the play, and also produced it.
In addition, he is also involved in TV program production, music provision, and Youtuber video editing.




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